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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy finds the sources of poor decision making, resulting in long-term change.

Addiction doesn’t happen overnight, nor does it occur in a vacuum. Drug and alcohol abuse is usually the result of underlying problems, which is why CT Addiction Medicine approaches treatment with wraparound services that target both the physical and psychological components of addiction.

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What Is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)?

Originally developed as a treatment for depression in the 1960s, cognitive behavioral therapy focuses on the thought patterns that lead to destructive behavior, making it very useful in treating a wide variety of disorders. When people experience a significant loss like the death of a loved one or other personal tragedy, the intense emotions they feel can be overwhelming, leading them to make poor decisions. Because cognitive behavioral therapy focuses on talk therapy and introspection instead of medications, it is a very good choice for those who are looking to get to the root of the problem rather than just find a temporary solution or bandaid to mask symptoms.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is used either alone or alongside other methods and medications to treat many types of mental disorders. Drug and alcohol abuse often coexists both as a cause and an effect of other conditions, so..really learning about the triggers and causes is essential for lasting treatment. Those who struggle with anxiety, mood disorders, and personality disorders often become confused and have a hard time making good choices because they cannot understand what is happening inside their brains. Eating disorders, sleep disorders, and drug abuse may seem like the result of bad choices to the outside world, but there is a place of origin that CST can help patients to discover.

Unlike some forms of mental health treatment that rely heavily on long-term use of medications,  CST is centered around the discovery of thoughts and patterns.  Behavior is observed and recorded and analyzed by the therapist with active input from the patient. Cognitive behavioral therapy is not a quick fix as some other treatments claim to be, but the results are long-lasting and the techniques learned can easily be applied to other behaviors that may occur down the line.

CBT For Anxiety And Depression

CT Addiction Medicine treats individuals suffering from addiction to many different substances. The process of getting sober can often unearth the very problems that lead people to use alcohol or drugs in the first place, and patients can find themselves stuck back in patterns of anxiety and depression. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques allow each individual to take control of their journey to recovery, making discoveries that help them to cope with all of the challenges they will face throughout life and giving them the tools they need to get through difficult times without resorting to substance use and abuse again.

How to Find A CBT Therapist Right For You

While CBT is effective for treating a number of disorders, the best results are achieved when the therapist has particular experience in the problem behaviors the patient is looking to treat art&. As addiction treatment specialists, CT Addiction Medicine is experienced with all of the underlying conditions that contribute to addiction.

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