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The Role of Family Therapy in Recovery

Family therapy can be very helpful for people with addiction. It can help them decide to enter or stay in treatment. It can reduce their risk of dropping out of treatment. It also can reduce their continued use of alcohol or drugs, discourage relapse, and promote long-term recovery.

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Alcohol and Drug Abuse – a Family’s Role

Of the millions of Americans who misuse, or are dependent on alcohol or drugs, most have families. If someone close to you misuses alcohol or drugs, seek help.

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Woman with the tools used to further her cocaine addiction

Facts about Cocaine from the National Institute of Drug Abuse

The National Institute on Drug Abuse provides updated information about a variety of addictive substances. In this post, we share facts about cocaine.

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Opioid Addiction In Connecticut

SUBLOCADE Injection Treats Opioid Addiction In Connecticut

During recovery from opioid addiction, many individuals experience uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. SUBLOCADE injections minimize the effects of withdrawal to ensure a higher rate of success in overcoming opioid addiction.

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Anxiety Treatment & Therapy in Connecticut

Anxiety Treatment & Therapy in Connecticut

Anxiety treatment can help those recovering from addiction to find healthier outlets for their pain. Everyone experiences stress and anxiety at times, but for 19.1% …

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PTSD Treatment

PTSD treatment in Connecticut

Trauma therapy is highly effective in helping individuals with PTSD to live full and happy lives. Contact CT Addiction Medicine to learn more!

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